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Amber Merritt - Wheelchair Basketball

Sam Baron

23 Aug 2021

"Amber Merritt is arguably the best wheelchair basketballer in the world" says Robyn Lambird

By Sam Baron

There are no better accolades in sport than that of your peers. So when Robyn Lambird in a recent interview with Women In Sport WA tells you she thinks Amber is the best wheelchair basketballer in the world you take notice.

Introducing Amber Merritt – Wheelchair Basketball

4.5 point player – least or minimal disability. Club Foot.

Amber was born in England and moved to Perth when she was 10. She is a 4.5 point classification who began her athletic career as a swimmer before being recruited to basketball by coach Frank Ponta.

On the international scale, Merritt debuted for the Gliders in 2009 and competed at several competitions including the Japan Friendly Series, Four Nations in Canada and the Under-23 World Championship where her team finished fourth. Merritt was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics where she won a silver medal and another gold medal at the 2013 Osaka Cup made Merritt's personal tally reach five.

Amber reached the 200 game milestone while in Tokyo

The cutest of nicknames for Amber – Bambi – (Amber is 6’1 and all arms and legs and was very unco-ordinated when she started) This is definitely and advantage to her while she is on the court as those long arms extend over appointments.

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