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A Manic Weekend of Grand Finals In WA

Amber Thomas

5 Sept 2021

Super Saturday of Womens Sports in Western Australia - Match Report #1 Curtain Uni Wesley V Piara Waters by Amber Thomas and photos by Sporting Images WA

What a manic weekend of Grand Finals in WA so Women In Sport WA had to divide and conquer. Basketball NBL1 on and Soccer NPLWA finals on Friday Night. With Willeton Tigers taking home the Championship and MUMFC coming out winners in the Soccer.

On Saturday our new Footy reporter, Amber Thomas and photographer ,Sporting Images WA headed out to East Fremantle Oval on Saturday to witness a carnival of grassroots womens footy.

Here is the match Report of the A Perth Football League Grand Final from Amber and the photos from Juliet of Sports Images WA captured.

A Grade:
Curtin Uni Wesley v Piara Waters
Final Score:
Curtin Uni Wesley: 4.11 (35)
Piara Waters: 2.3 (15)
Best on Ground: Ebony Thompson (Curtin Uni Wesley)

The three-peat is complete for Curtin Uni Wesley as they stormed over the top of Piara Waters to win the championship game for the third year in a row.

It was fiercely contested for a majority of the match. Space and clean clearances were near impossible to find with neither team giving up an inch of pressure.

Though they had no trouble exiting their d50 with captain Ella Whites lethal kicking, Piara Waters struggled to get the ball past the halfway line with Curtin pushing numbers up the ground and running hard to ensure every exit contest was outnumbered.

This along with Curtin Uni’s superior ball control proved the point of difference, allowing them to repeat entries and a significant amount more shots on goal, with their first coming in the second quarter through Kaitlin Hoy after they’d already piled on 5 points.

Piara Waters first goal of their day came early in the third quarter after Kristy Ninyette marked in the goal square and kicked truly but they could only manage two majors for the day going down by 20 points.

Ruck Jen Sadler for Curtin Uni Wesley was a dominant force all day often giving her side first use of the ball out of the ruck and taking some impressive contested grabs, while Darcie O’Neill was strong around the contest finding time and space where no one else seemed able to.

Jessica Murray of Piara Waters can hold her head high after not giving up all day, providing plenty of run and hard tackling for her team and finishing her day off with a spectacular goal, bursting out of the contest and snapping off the left from a difficult angle.

Best on Ground honours went to Ebony Thompson who was everywhere all game, threatening every time she had her hands on the ball and finishing with a goal and multiple marks.

Well done to all.

#womeninsportwa #everydaygirl

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