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Shelley Cronau - WheelChair Basketball

Sam Baron

24 Aug 2021

Shelly Cronau - Wheelchair Basketball Athlete - Australian Gliders

Introducing Shelley Cronau – Wheelchair Basketball
2.5 point player – Spinal cord injury.

Shelley’s life changed in 2007 at 22 when she had a serious accident and crushed her spinal cord. She decided she had been given a second chance and after watching the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing she decided to take up wheelchair basketball.
On a national scale, Cronau made her debut with the Gliders in 2011, winning silver at the Osaka Cup in the same year.
She helped the team qualify for the 2012 Paralympics with a victory at the Asia-Oceania Zone Championships before going one better at the 2012 and 2013 Osaka Cups, winning gold.
Heading overseas to play around the world including in Spain, Cronau then returned to the national team and under coach David Gould, pulled on the green and gold again at the 2018 World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

Greatest sporting moments - Winning the QLD Athlete with a Disability of the Year in 2014 and winning the first European Championship for her club in Spain where she lives with her husband
Favourite quote - Such is life

Shelley was born in Queensland but currently resides in Perth.

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