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Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr: A True Athlete

Michelle Wong

29 July 2021

Get to know Tia-Clair Toomy-Orr and her sport; Crossfit! By Michelle Wong

What springs to your mind when I mention CrossFit?
Crazy people, throwing around crazy weights, doing crazy things?
Muscle bound, shirtless men and ripped women in booty shorts?
A ‘cult like’ following of participants who consider exercising a sport?
I won’t lie, at any one time these points are all true. The different perspectives and opinions here, are purely our mindset towards these statements.

My goal today, is not to change anyone’s opinion on CrossFit, but to encourage anyone reading this article to see past the word CrossFit, and recognise one of the greatest athletes Australia has ever produced.
Her name, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr. Five consecutive years running, ‘The Fittest Woman On Earth.” This statement alone drives the nay-sayers nuts, “How can such a brash statement be made?” Well, it’s trademarked to the CrossFit Games so, yes, you win those and you’re the “Fittest On Earth.” But, like I said, I want you to see past your current perceptions and see Tia, an absolute Aussie legend for what she truly is, a champion.

First of all, forget CrossFit. Tia took out the gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the 58kg weightlifting event and was 14th in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Everything else aside, she is one strong lady. Not only strong, but regularly drug tested. Any athletes competing in USADA sanctioned sports (such as weightlifting), can be tested for drugs ANYTIME. I’m talking, knock on your door at 8am on a Sunday morning in the off season and be asked to pee in a cup. So our Tia, Aussie champ, is a clean athlete contrary to other opinions around the unsanctioned by USADA, CrossFit events.
SO back to the Games, amidst all of the current Olympic excitement, Tia has just won her FIFTH consecutive CrossFit Games. To do this, she had to sprint, swim a mile, kayak, perform gymnastics, lift a lot of heavy stuff and back it up for six consecutive days. Six consecutive days in the gym is enough to have many of us walking around like invalids, let alone complete multiple physically demanding events each day.

This has never been done before. No female has come close. SO yes, on paper, Tia is a true legend, “The GOAT”, but do you know what I really love about this little Aussie nugget of gold?
1) She wears zero make-up
2) She married her high school sweetheart
3) She grew up on a farm in Queensland and values hard work
4) In 2017 she won a major CrossFit event on home soil with the Aussie team beating the rest of the world and to celebrate – she did a ‘shooey.’
I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I’d be ensuring she followed this inspiring, humble and very Australian Champion on the socials.
Let’s go Tia!!

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