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Women In Sport WA partners with Act Belong Commit

Karen Hennessy

22 Nov 2022

Women In Sport Western Australia are delighted to join various non for profits and peak bodies as partners of Mentally Healthy WA and their promotion campaign Act Belong Commit.

Women in Sport WA is a social enterprise that supports the participation of women in all aspects of sport in Western Australia through our online platforms.

Founded in Perth by Karen Hennessy, the Women in Sport WA team is a vibrant group of volunteers with diverse interests, skills and careers. We are all passionate about one thing: SPORT and increasing the visibility, participation and benefits of sport both mentally and physically for women in Western Australia.

”Mental health issues are our invisible pain, so as a visibility platform promoting the benefits of sport to females of all ages we thought this would be a great partnership. We promote positive visibility of women and girls being active through sport and now we can continue to inspire people about the mental health benefits too through the Act Belong Commit campaign” Founder Karen Hennessy

Women In Sport WA are looking forward to working alongside Act Belong Commit, the evidence based program that is based out of Curtin University to support our Women In Sport WA ambassadors attending schools, clubs and organisations

Two time World Champion Boxer, Mother of Two and a Women In Sport WA Ambassador, Louisa ‘LuLu Bang Bang’ Hawton, highlighted the importance of staying mentally healthy recently on our radio interview on 91.3 Sport Fm with host Mara and Riley.

“It’s great that Women in Sport WA have partnered with Act Belong Commit because Act Belong Commit promotes the benefits of staying mentally healthy and the importance of staying active and connected. Sport is such a huge part of it - moving our bodies and getting endorphins going. This is a great partnership” Louisa said.

Act Belong Commit Partnerships Coordinator, Andrew Walton, said the campaign was delighted to have enlisted Women in Sport as an Act Belong Commit partner.

“Participating in sport is a fantastic way to stay active (ACT), and connect with others (BELONG), and for many people it provides something personally meaningful (COMMIT). The work of Women in Sport WA do and the message of Act Belong Commit are perfectly aligned and we really look forward to working with our new partner to help more Western Australians protect and improve their mental health and wellbeing” he said.

Women in Sport WA look forward to growing this partnership, connecting with community groups and schools that partner with Act Belong Commit by sharing resources and experiences.

Here is the interview link to Listen to 'Lulu Bang Bang' talk with hosts Mara and Riley about Act Belong Commit and the importance of looking after your mental health on the Women In Sport WA Show on 91.3 Sport FM and on Spotify

Editors note

Act Belong Commit is a state-wide mental health promotion campaign designed and directed by Mentally Healthy WA to encourage people to take action to improve and protect their mental health and wellbeing: by staying active, connecting with others and doing something meaningful.

First developed in 2002, Act Belong Commit is Australia’s longest running mental health promotion campaign.

Mentally Healthy WA’s Act Belong Commit is directed from within Curtin University’s School of Population Health. The campaign is funded by Healthway grants and the Mental Health Commission in Western Australia.

Act Belong Commit partnerships

The Act Belong Commit campaign includes partnerships with local governments, peak bodies, grass-root community groups and schools. Partners share the message of Act Belong Commit with their communities and provide opportunities for individuals to be active, connect with others and do meaningful activities for their mental wellbeing.

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