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The English Football team that brought ‘Football home’

What the Lionesses have done for Womens soccer and Womens sport will have ramifications for years to come.

It’s no more #seeittobeliveit . It is now we just watched 82917 people in a stadium 🏟 watching great soccer. An amazing tournament with the best teams in Europe. Jerseys with fav players names will be sold out , sponsors and marketing firms phones will be on the go none stop. Advertisement space will be at a premium for the World Cup in 2023 in Australia and young girls will be waking up and kicking a ball for the first time tomorrow because the saw those women. Tv 📺 deals must stay free to air .

But these women they played on the shoulders of giants. Even the senior players saying in the after match that the younger players in the squad will know nothing less than this.

I hate to say this and it’s the truth but in all my life I have never thought I would cheer on An English sporting team and yes it is because of 800 years of oppression but this team, this manager and this tournament have broken down so many barriers what’s not to cheer and love about the English football team that brought Football Home . 🤩🙏

Karen Hennessy

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