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Why does Little Libby love Alana King and her Scorchers? By 4 year old Libby Woods

LIBBY’S POINT OF VIEW (Player Profile – Libby Woods)

4 year old Libby, is a complete sports fanatic. For her third birthday she requested a golf/cricket party (imagine the cake maker receiving that request!).

Her first sport sign up was tennis, where 3 year old Libs told her Coach Anthony every week her goal was to hit him in the 'knackers 'with the ball.

Soon after she enrolled in gymnastics, where after a year was selected for the Development Squad. Next, she signed up for Auskick under Coach Paul (AKA Dad), playing with the enthusiasm of Ted Whitten. But more than anything, Libby wanted to play cricket in a stadium with her ‘Scorchers’ friends.

In September 2021 Libby’s dream of playing with her Scorchers friends came true, participating in a come and play session with some of the players, giving up their weekend to mix with Junior Blasters. It is here she would meet her new BFFs (I’m not sure if they’re aware of this status) Alana King and Mathilda (Tilly) Carmichael. Cam Green was also there but Libby’s eyes were only for Alana and Tilly. They played over after over, took 600 photos, Libby asked 700 questions and they left playfighting over who was Libby’s favourite.

Fast forward to November 2021 and Libby was chosen to be a Junior Journo at a pre-match Scorchers press conference. It was Libby’s first time at a ‘real cricket stadium’; the WACA. Dressed in her best Scorchers outfit, hair in the exact style she had worn it at their first meeting, would the unrequited BFFs (status still unconfirmed at this stage) be the Scorchers players she would interview?

The anticipation was nearly too much, but as the players walked in…..there were new BFFs to be made, namely Sam Betts, Lisa Griffiths and Lilly Mills. The players, even with only a couple of hours until game play, answered questions, took photos, gave hugs and undertook general new BFF duties.

Come game time, Libby would scream ‘Alana’ or ‘Tilly’ every time she saw them, whether they were on the ball or not. Post game, Libby was reminded that Alana and Tilly might be too hot and tired to sign autographs….but if they were, they hid it well. All players slowly made their way through the throngs of supporters young and old, smiling for more photos and signing autographs. Libs hung at the back of the pack until she saw Tilly first, giving her a hug and a copy of a photo of the two of them, keeping one copy herself to have autographed and hung by her bed. They reminisced like old times until it was Alana’s turn, who started with ‘I remember you’….the 3 best words she could have said other than ‘I have icecream’. They chatted and Libs made her best play. ‘Alana, Tilly loves me that much she gave me 100 bucks’. With a rye smile and quick wit, Alana responded “I’ll give you 200, but my money’s in Tilly’s wallet, can you grab it from there”.

Women In Sport WA decided to ask Libby why she loves one of our WINSWA ambassadors so much and this is what she said?

Question :Who are your favorite Cricketers for the Scorchers?


Alana and Tilly because they are my favourite cricketers. I see’d them before I started playing Blasters. Now I see them at the Scorchers. They say ‘Hi, Libby’ and they sign more autographs. I want to be like Alana when I grow up, a Spin Bowler. But I want to be like Tilly. She’s good at two sports.

Do you have other Role Models?

Mrs Nankiville, my teacher. Because she is a footballer and she helps people be footballers. She teaches me about football and she is good. So good. I’ll be able to see her when I play for Orander (Noranda Junior Football Club) next year, that’s her club and they have lots of girl footballers. Mrs Nankiville let me put her Orander hat on. She says ‘you’re doing a good job’ to the girls that play football. But mostly to me.

Is your mum good at sport?

Libby :

My mum. Mum can play any sport but she’s goodest at cricket. She be’s my adult. She is helping my coach. She gives people food and money in the canteen. She yells go, go, go. Then when we get home she yells unpack your bag, put your clothes in the laundry.

Libby so the nice words your mum uses inspires you? Yes

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